Diagnosis and Consultation


If this is your first time to stop by our clinic, the initial consultation is required. Having an initial consultation is the best way to find out if your health complaint is going to respond well. The initial consultation is often 35-50 minutes in length. This includes a consultation about your health, well being and presenting problems as well as treatment. Subsequent consultations and treatment take approximately 25-40 minutes if needed.

The diagnosis for initial consultation is normally very thorough, and employs the ancient Chinese arts of pulse and tongue diagnosis, palpation and observation. We may also review all of your medical records and conduct a full physical exam during initial consultation. Then our practitioners will develop a collaborative and holistic treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs. To achieve the most effective treatment, this plan may combine a wide range of both conventional and complementary therapies that address all aspects of your health and wellness-biological, psychological, social and spiritual.