Moxibustion is a therapy of applying heat to the body by burning the herb mugwort. The material used is mainly the prepared leaves of mugwort in the form of a cone or stick. Burning moxa can warm up yang, dispel cold, eliminate dampness, reopen the meridians, invigorate qi and blood, and harmonize zangfu-organs. Moxibustion is divided into direct method in which burning moxa is placed on the skin and indirect method in which burning moxa does not contact the skin. Currently, indirect method is more common, including use of on garlic, ginger, salt, fermented bean cakes, aconite cakes, and pepper cakes, etc. It is useful and effective. A disease that may not be treated by acupuncture may be treated by this method.

It is especially useful for cold patterns, deficiency conditions, and the elderly. More often this method is used together with acupuncture and herbs. Putting burning moxa on needles which are inserted into points is called “warming needling” in clinical practice. Combination of this method and herbs include an herbal moxa poll which is made of fine herbal powders and moxa wool, and indirect method in which putting herbs on acupuncture points and then burning moxa on the herbs.