Auto-Moxibustion What is Auto-Moxibustion? Auto Moxibustion is a classic therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine which to treat diseases by medical cake application on the specific days in summer and winter. Through the Chinese Medicine cake apply on specific acu-points, Auto Moxibustion can even change people constitution to enhance the human body immune system to prevent…

Breast Enhancement

Acupuncture has been used to improve the small and sagging breasts, or to coorect other breast cosmetic issues in China and other Asian areas for over 30 years. It firstly started among the celebrities and beacuse it is natural, effective and side-effect free, now becomes more popular in various groups of women. Unlike breast implant surgery, which may results in complications (such as infection, bleeding, immune reactions, scarring, capsular contracture, deflation or rupture, and removal-replacement), acupuncture breast augmentation/enhancement is natural, pain free and has no scars.