Many skin conditions are systemic, in that they affect the entire body as an organism. And when the body has an imbalance, there are signs and symptoms to indicate this disharmony. Often times and more prevalent today, we are seeing this imbalance in the form of skin conditions.  The main premise of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is to treat holistically, hence it has been successfully applied to various skin conditions over its very long history.  The natural therapies of TCM, such as Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are known to address the skin condition itself as well as the underlying cause.

Acupuncture helps skin conditions by reducing perceptions of stress which may have been an initial contributing factor, as well as the stress experienced when living with a skin condition, particularly those that are chronic and affect one’s self-image. Acupuncture also aids in reducing internal heat and improving circulation, which is often times a feature of many common clinical skin conditions according to TCM theory.

Chinese herbal medicines may be the principal therapy that is required, with acupuncture helping to boost the overall effect of the treatment.  Hence, it is not unusual to see the enhanced benefits of using Chinese herbs along with acupuncture for many ailments, and this most certainly applies to dermatological conditions.

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The most common skin conditions successfully treated in clinical practice are:


●Acne●Atopic Eczema●Nummular / Discoid Eczema●Pompholyx / Dyshidrotic Eczema
●Stasis Eczema●Herpes Simplex●Herpes Zoster●Hyperpigmentation
●Impetigo●Lichen Simplex●Perioral Dermatitis●Pityriasis Versicolor
●Plaque Psoriasis●Guttate Psoriasis●Pustular Psoriasis●Rosacea
●Seborrhoeic Dermatitis●Tinea●Urticaria●Vitiligo


*If you have a skin conditon that is not listed, please enquire to see if we may be able to help you.